Tyranny of Secrets


"Short but impressive actioner featuring dynamic characters and a memorable open ending." - Kirkus Reviews

National elections stolen by elite hackers.  A conspiracy to put a puppet President in the White House.

Gifted computer scientist Mariana McAllister is recruited into the shadowy side of a computer security company. Manipulated by the CEO, she leads a team to hack the British national election, at the personal cost of a shattered relationship.  Years later she discovers the code she created being used to hijack the US Presidential contest and start a mass-surveillance state.

"...the action sequences are superbly crafted nail biters." - The BookLife Prize

With her former lover, attorney Sander Bonham, in the cross-hairs of an assassin intent on keeping him from exposing the conspiracy, Mariana struggles to find the truth. Unless she can fight back, a small elite will control society by controlling our data...and our secrets.